Medina Azahara en el siglo X

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Today you can hardly guess its greatness walking through the ruins. It is difficult to imagine the rich ornaments of a city built around the year 940, to reflect the glory of the caliph, which was completely destroyed 70 years later.

But undoubtedly his visit reflects the ephemeral nature of power, wealth and human religions against the landscape of a Cordovan countryside wich even today is loved by the visitors.

With this VirTimePlace you can get a little more about the feeling of walking across this palatial city in the tenth century.

Considerations about the model:

Most of the city still remains unexcavated, so that recreation has focused on those parts better known. However, to facilitate understanding of the entire space, we fill volumes using similar urban style, but without any supporting documentation.


For now, we have not won the support of the current manager of the monument, so we used various sources, mainly private and academic publications, among which we can cite publications of:

  • D. Félix Hernández.
  • D. Antonio Almagro (Escuela de Estudios Árabes, CSIC).

While various sources have been necessary to complete a proper hypothesis by our research team, which finally is a mixture of the above information with websites like, and various audiovisuals published on the subject, beside a previous work by ARKETIPO about the Rich Hall, started in 1998 under the supervision of D. Arturo Ramírez Laguna for the Roger Garoudy Foundation.

In 2018, a supervised review was carried out by the Sisifo Research Group of the University of Córdoba, although there are still some details to be completed, pending on the collaboration of the site manager.

Current status: 
Released, but still work in progress