virtimeplaces list

This is the first screen in the app and contains a list of all available VirTimePlaces with 2 possible actions:

  1. A button on the right to download the chosen VirTimePlace, or enter it, if already downloaded.
  2. A button on the left with VirTimePlace information (location, time, brief description, mbytes, etc.) and to delete the download.

Important: All downloaded and deleted content cand be re-downloaded at any time, keeping track of each action at store (googleplay or iTunes).

VirTimePlace offers 3 modes for navigating the virtual world:

Navigation options

  1. Manual (Game). With 2 joystick controls, shown on screen as a video game console. One deals with the orientation and another displacement.
  2. Semiautomatic (Compass). In this mode, displacement is controlled with joystick in the same way as manual mode, but the orientation is tracked by the compass. So to see what is at our north, we should point to the north with the screen, like a video camera.
  3. Auto (GPS). We can only use this mode if you are physically in the place represented. The compass is concerned with the direction and GPS with position. For now, perfect alignment can't be achieved because the GPS presition, but it is very useful for finding archaeological remains, when we walk through the city.

They are advanced functions and additional content which can be freely downloaded or have a cost, designed to support and improve the service.
Among the functions you can:

  1. Turn off advertising. For us, advertising is a form of financing, but we understand that some people prefer not to see ads.
  2. Activate the flight. It is great to fly over the cities recreated. So we have built a very relaxed demo mode, but we need to support to our development. So, you can buy this function for a year or forever.

Additional content available for each VirTimePlace are:>

  1. Background music. Composed by authors of proven quality, to liven up every ride with music inspired in the particular time of your walk.
  2. Voice personal guide. They describe the points of interest in each VirTimePlace, in a specific language.
  3. Historical scenes. They consist of characters and elements that reproduce events of interest such as gladiators training at amphitheater, Caliph prayer in the Mihrab of the Mosque, reception of ambassadors at Medina Azahara, etc.