If you are a passionate about history and technology, traveler, translator, ....

Use it and Share it. With BoP you can access extra content to live a more complete experience, but you can also buy them, if you want to support the project.

If you like it, you can also support a specific destination of your interest for being published sooner. Simply provide information and contacts and/or participate its crowdfunding campaign (coming soon).

And, if you are an expert and want to collaborate, come on! You just have to send your data through our contact form.

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If you are cultural heritage manager, academic institution, researcher, ...

If you are planning to afford a project which involve Virtual Reality, VirTimePlace is the most cost effective and quickest alternative on the market because:

  • It's a ready to use VR platform sice 2012.
  • It contributes to finance your project.
  • It includes a growing worldwide catalog to reach thousands of users effortlessly
  • Do you prefere a propietary solution? Trust our team with proven experience.

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If you are interested in business for now and future...

Video games and tourism are expanding business and VirTimePlace is an app with more than 20 M of annual potentially users in Spain, 40 M in Italy, ..., and each destination is an investment opportunity for additional products (historical scenes, embedded games, etc. ).

If you're interested, starting at 6.000 €, you can get returns well above the common markets.

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