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2020-04-21 20:15 to 2020-12-31 22:00
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In this Virtual gymkhana, you will know about the Roman city of Augusta Emerita (current Mérida at Spain-Badajoz), from every where on the world, crossing its streets on your screen to find the check points.
To get the prizes, you will have to overcome other players in: Spatial Orientation, skills and Knowledge.
Get ready, before you start, because time counts, and remember, you can play as many times as you want.

How to play the Gymkhana?

Specific information for this gymkhana.

Version 1.5.3 or higher of the VirTimePlace app is required and reloading the destination is highly recommended, to ensure you have an updated version.
  1. Here you have a few Augusta Emerita AV

General information about gymkhanas.

To play an On-Site gymkhana, you must go physically to the place and go through it looking for evidences. Your GPS will tell us if you are in the right place.
A Virtual gymkhana can be played from anywhere around the world. Your GPS tells us where you play, for statistical purposes.
In case of On-Site gymkhana, some prizes are locally supplied and with a formal act of delivery.
In case of Virtual gymkhana, there is only act of delivery when the winner is near to the sponsor.
In case of On-Site gymkhana, if you do not overcome a mission, you can try again after some minutes, simply by staying in the place.
In case of Virtual gymkhana, if you do not overcome a mission, you must repeat it, including the route.
For the rest, everything should be the same.
You can enter the gymkhana at any time since its opening. Use the settings menu of the VirTimePlace app, to start your participation, choosing a traveler name for that. Connection is required at this moment and the game starts when you enter the 3D world by pressing the blue button which shows your current location on the map.
During the game, you can leave the game, the app and even turn off your device, but your time will continue to count until you decide to finish, or the gymkhana ends.
Each time you leave the match you can choose PAUSE or FINISH. PAUSE allows you to continue later and FINISH ends your game, with the points obtained, even if you have not completed all the sections (conection required to send results and end time).
Remember that only in the case of a points tie, the fastest player will win. So it's possible to start the last day and be the first, and even win without finishing the whole route.
Your device has a unique ID, and your Traveler Name will also be unique. That's the way to identify you, without personal data, until the moment you get the prize. Just one winer per device is admitted.
However, remember that when registering you authorize us to know your position and score. That's the only way to follow your activity.
When you enter the gymkhana, a map is shown with your position and the target (a cube that rotates in 3D space).
You must to walk to the cube position. When you are close to it, you will be abled to use the manual control for getting closer and press it, and the questionnaire will open.
Look for help, if you need it, and answer the questions. There is no time limit.
Each passed mission accumulates X points and shows you the next target.
Each successful answer adds 3 points, + 1 bonus point if you hit a full.
If you do not reach the minimum score, you will have to wait 5 minutes, before to try again.
Be careful because the waiting time increases for each retry, and there is a penalty of 10% for the new mission.
When you participate in the yincana, you are accepting the specific terms for the VirTimePlace gymkhana, described in point 14 of the document Condiciones generales de uso de VirTimePlace.

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Ranking Players Points Country Language
1 Finished Pablomur73 316 Unknown ES
2 Finished alarico 270 Spain ES
3 Playing eduvelez 260 Mexico ES
4 Playing Germanacuna 183 Unknown ES
5 Playing agustino 125 Spain ES
6 Playing aferreira 105 Portugal ES
7 Playing Aisa 92 Spain ES
8 Playing Fernando 89 Unknown ES
9 Playing Lenaxz 72 Peru ES
10 Playing roxana 58 Mexico ES
11 Playing Brayantuserverus 51 Colombia ES
12 Finished Alberto 30 Unknown ES
13 Playing Aella 28 Spain ES
14 Playing pompeya 27 Unknown ES
15 Finished antoniogorcas 26 Spain ES
16 Finished Juliano 23 Unknown ES
17 Finished jocomix 23 Spain ES
18 Playing KevinTc1818 20 Mexico ES
19 Finished PedroR 19 Spain ES
20 Finished joseantoniofotos23@g 17 Unknown ES
21 Playing pollokebab1 16 Unknown ES
22 Playing jose 16 Colombia ES
23 Playing marta 15 Unknown ES
24 Playing tupadre 15 Mexico ES
25 Playing vtp.test01806 15 Spain ES
26 Finished xilene 15 Spain ES
27 Playing Tony 12 Unknown ES
28 Finished mexico 11 Mexico ES
29 Playing alisg77 10 Spain ES
30 Finished amaranta 10 Spain ES
31 Playing spiderboy28283829 9 Argentina ES
32 Playing destivens 9 Colombia ES
33 Finished strarsgin 9 Mexico ES
34 Playing dina 8 France FR
35 Playing 8 Unknown ES
36 Playing gael27 8 Unknown ES
37 Playing kingkeeper99 8 Colombia ES
38 Playing mike 7 Spain ES
39 Playing matias77isaza@gmail. 7 Unknown ES
40 Playing jhonniercicedo@gmail 6 Ecuador ES
41 Finished vtp.test01 3 Spain ES