Mezquita-Catedral de Cordoba


Building declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity, it is the most important monument in Cordoba, and one of the greatest exponents of Andalusi architecture in the world.

Originally was constructed in front of the Roman bridge about year 785 by Abderramán I and subsequently underwent several extensions, among which are those of Abderramán II (832-848), Al-Hakam II (961-965) and Almanzor (976-1002).

After the Reconquest, it begins a conversion into a Catholic cathedral, starting in 1523 the construction of a Renaissance basilica of Plateresque style in the center of the Muslim building.

With 23,400 square meters, it was the world's second largest mosque, behind the Mosque of Mecca, only reached later by the Blue Mosque (Istanbul, 1588). One of its main features is its qibla wall was not facing Mecca, but 51º degrees south, which is common in the mosques of Al-Andalus.

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Mezquita-Catedral de Cordoba

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