Ciudad romana Segóbriga


Segóbriga Archaeological Park is an important Celtiberian and Roman site located around the hill called Cerro Cabeza de Griego in the town of Saelices (Cuenca, Spain).

Mining of lapis specularis (the crystallized gypsum which serve as window glass) and its peripheral farmers should be the main engines of growth and development of monumental Segóbriga, which includes:

  • Teather.
  • Amphiteather.
  • Large public baths.
  • Basilica.
  • Temples and markets, etc.

Becoming the most important urban center of the southern plateau and reference for urban life of the Roman way.

The city is in ruins but well preserved, so his visit is highly recommended, as it will give us an idea of everyday life in a roman city.



Patrimonio Histórico de Castilla-La Mancha




Parque Arqueológico de Segóbriga

Ctra. Carrascosa de Campo a Villamayor de Santiago, s/n
SaelicesCuenca 16430
Vista aérea de Segobriga
Recreación 3d de Segóbrica
Foro de Segóbriga
Teatro de Segóbriga