Carthago Nova

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Carthago Nova is the roman name for the current Cartagena in the province of Murcia.
It was founded in the 3rd century BC, as Qart Hadasht (New Town), by the Carthaginian general Asdrubal on a Phoenician settlement, and from here, left Hannibal Barca with its elephants to face the Roman troops in 218 BC.
In 209 BC, it was conquered by the Roman general Scipio, who renamed the town, being treated as a Roman colony that would become part of the province Tarraconensis.
The period represented corresponds to the first century D.C., when the city gets its greater urban and economic development, thanks to the exploitation and trade by sea of silver, lead and zinc, like one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire.
From is this time, we can still see remains of the theater, amphitheater, forum, temples and representative domus of the city as the house of fortune and Salvius.



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